5 Fuel Savings Tips every Driver Should Know

5 Fuel Savings Tips every Driver Should Know

Author: Linda/Wednesday, February 24, 2016/Categories: Tips

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You may want to use less gas in a bid to conserve natural resources. You may also look for ways to save up on fuel as a way to save money. For both the environment and the wallet, here are five gasoline saving tips to get you started.

1. Make Fewer Trips 
You can save gasoline by consolidating your trips and errands. Remember that parking for a few hours turns the engine cold making the car use a lot of fuel for the first five miles. Therefore, aim to avoid unnecessary trips by combining errands into one big trip. Similarly, try to travel when traffic is light to escape stop-and-go conditions. 
2. Monitor Your Tires 
When your tires are under-inflated, or your wheels are poorly aligned, your engine has to work harder, and this wastes fuel. Make sure to check your tires at least once every two weeks. If you notice uneven tread wear, your wheels are out of line and need alignment by a professional. 
3. Drive Gently and Observe Speed Limits 
Ideally, drive at a constant speed and in the highest gear. However, don’t push your accelerator down too far to avoid shifting into a lower gear. Equally, avoid unnecessary overtaking and sudden accelerations. 
Regarding speeding, it decreases your miles per gallon. You may arrive earlier, but you will use more fuel to get there. 
4. Close the Windows and Use Air Conditioning Wisely  
Close your windows at highway speeds to reduce air drag and improve your mileage. If you need some fresh air, use the air vents. And if it gets too hot, use the air-conditioning. Just remember to keep the air conditioning in good working order and to turn it off when in stop-and-go traffic. 
5. Remove Excess/Unnecessary Weight 
Weight has a direct impact on gas consumption. Since your car needs fuel to move weight around, the lesser the weight, the better the mileage. Therefore, take out unnecessary items from the car. 
In addition to the above conservation tips, you need a well-maintained car to maximize your gas mileage. If your vehicle requires auto body repair due to physical damage or a recent collision, you can trust City Collision with every bit of the job. From dent repair to major body work, we have highly qualified technicians to take care of your prized possession. 

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