When to Repair and When to Replace Damaged Rims

When to Repair and When to Replace Damaged Rims

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Well-maintained rims are a vital aspect in the overall condition of the car. Unforeseen occurrences such as hitting a pothole or curb may cause wear and tear of rims. Damaged rims can result in costly repairs or even be a danger to potential passengers. It is therefore important to check and maintain your car to avoid the risk of accidents. Knowing when to repair and when to replace damaged rims will not only save you money but also reduce the risk of accident. 

Signs of Damaged Rims 
Rim problems are easy to diagnose depending on the damage. Damaged rims may produce a thumping sound while driving or cause constant vibration on the steering wheel. You may also notice changes in gas mileage. These may be signs of dented, cracked, bent or broken rims. 

Wear and tear of tires and damaged wheels can potentially reduce your gas mileage or make the car hard to handle. Failure to replace or repair the tires on time may eventually cause tire blowout. 

When to repair 
A mechanic can easily repair a broken or bent rim if the damage is not severe. Rims often bend and only require simple repair. However, having cracked or lug holes in your rim may not be a simple problem and may require replacement. Bent wheels can easily be repaired with the right equipment without requiring actual replacement. 
When to replace 
It is important to compare repair quotes with the cost replacement of the rims. If the repair costs more, then it is advisable to get new rims. If the cost of repair is low then you can just have the rims repaired since well-repaired rims are equally strong as new rims. 

Make an informed decision to check and maintain your car to prevent accidents and costly replacements in the future. Before any decision on whether to repair or replace consult one of our credible mechanics here at City Collision and get a quote on the cost of repair and replacements.  

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