Tips to Avoid Car Accidents on Icy Road

Tips to Avoid Car Accidents on Icy Road

Author: Linda/Wednesday, January 20, 2016/Categories: Tips

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Driving on icy roads is both challenging and risky. Here are some simple tips to help you avoid unfortunate winter accidents.

1. Prepare Your Car
-Tires: Ensure the tires are inflated correctly, and they have a minimum of 3mm of tread.
-Battery: Since your battery will run down quicker than usual, top up or trickle-charge it.
-Engine: Before setting out, depress the clutch to reduce drag on the vehicle’s engine and preserve the battery.
-Screen-wash: Keep the screen wash topped up with a proper additive and at the right concentration.
-Fuel: Keep the tank topped up.
-Windows: Before driving, clear all snow and ice from your windscreen. Use a de-icer and a scraper.
-Locks: Use an appropriate product to prevent the locks freezing up.

2. Pack Your Snow Emergency Kit.
Carry a warm blanket and coat, gloves, hat, sunglasses and a pair of sturdy boots. Include a fully charged mobile, first-aid kit, torch, tow rope, jump-start cables, snow shovel and some cat litter or old bits of carpet. You can also pack some food and drinks.

3. Check the Day’s Weather Report and Plan Accordingly.
Before setting off, verify the local and national weather forecasts. Similarly, check the traffic bulletins. Wait if there is a storm. If you have to drive, plan your route to favor major busier roads.

4. Drive Expertly
If you have to drive on an icy road, you can avoid an accident if you make sure to:
-Wear comfortable, dry shoes.
-Start gently from stationary and make sure to avoid high revs.
-Select '2' instead of 'Drive' when driving an automatic in winter.
-Get your speed right.
-Rely on gentle maneuvers.
-Brake sparingly by using gears to slow down and brake only when you can’t steer out of trouble.
-Use third or fourth gear when on a downhill.
-Depress the clutch if the vehicle skids and turn your steering wheel to match the direction of the skid.
-Put bits of an old rug, a sack or cat litter in front of the driving wheels to offer the tires some grip.
-Stay in the clearest lane when on motorways.
-Use dipped headlights to remain visible.
-Maintain a safe distance from other traffic.

5. Stay Safe if You Get Trapped in the Snow
Stay in or close to your vehicle but ensure you're visible. You can stay warm by safely running the engine. Before running the engine, make sure there is no snow blocking the exhaust pipe. Also, don’t run your engine for more than ten minutes in each hour.

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