How Fender Benders are Repaired

How Fender Benders are Repaired

Author: Linda/Wednesday, December 30, 2015/Categories: Info, Tips

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Car crashes are an unfortunate inevitability. Luckily, most accidents are minor collisions and nobody gets injured. 

Nevertheless, even a relatively small crash can seriously damage susceptible parts of your car particularly the fenders and doors. 
Here’s the process of fender bender repair. 

1. Vehicle Disassembly  
 The repair shop will disassemble the car to identify all damage. You will also get an estimate of the repair cost. The cost of fender repair or replacement depends on factors such as the make and model of your car, the extent of damage, individual repair shop, and even your geographical location. 
2. Vehicle Repair 
 Typically, repair work will start after you and your insurance carrier give approval. Vehicle repair involves body, parts, and mechanical repairs. It also involves the first quality inspection. 
3. Vehicle Paint 
 The paint job involves body smoothing and sanding, application of primer, paint and clear coat and the second quality inspection. 
4. Vehicle Reassembly 
 The technicians put the car back together. 
5. Quality Assurance 
 QA involves light detailing and a final quality assurance check. A vehicle test-drive can be done if required. 
Here is how to ensure your fender bender is properly fixed: 
1. Decide on the Auto Body Shop 
 While insurance companies can refer you to cooperative body shops, you have the right to choose your preferred shop. Some unscrupulous shops can entice insurance adjusters with low repair costs only to do fast and shoddy jobs. Do your research and choose a reputable shop. 
2. Avoid Aftermarket Parts 
 Body shops can do repairs with new original parts, used parts or aftermarket auto parts. Inquire about the available replacement parts and insist on either new original parts or used parts. Aftermarket parts are usually low-quality cheap imitations. Such parts can corrode, rattle and diminish your car’s market value. 
3. Examine Paint Match 
 Carefully examine the painted body panels to confirm that the color and shade match the rest of the car. 
4. Check warning lights 
After a crash, some warning lights may illuminate on your dashboard. Standard warning lights that turn on after an accident are the "check engine light", the" low coolant light" and the "airbag light." As you pick your car, make sure the technicians fixed all the problems, and none of the lights is on. 
Have you been in a minor collision and need a bumper repaired? City Collision is a reputable shop for all types of accident repairs and accident assistance. Our highly trained and qualified technicians will leave your prized possession looking just as it was before the unfortunate accident. 

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