Top 3 Car Modifications

Top 3 Car Modifications

Author: Linda/Wednesday, November 25, 2015/Categories: Tips

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Most cars on the road perform lower than their potential performance. Manufacturers usually tune cars to throttle them back from their true potential. They dial them back to prolong the vehicle’s reliability within the manufacturers’ sparse maintenance schedules. If you’re not happy with your car’s performance, modifications can help you attain substantial improvements without any significant downsides.

Car modifications depend on what you want to enhance about your ride. You may wish to improve the car’s acceleration, stopping power, fuel consumption, ride quality or looks. The most popular modifications focus on increasing power and increasing fuel economy. Here are three popular car modifications:

Cold-air intake

This modification is popular because it’s relatively easy. Its benefits include improved acceleration and fuel economy.

The mod involves the replacing of the restrictive air box of the car’s air intake system. Since a car's engine requires fuel and air to run, increasing the air flow to your car's engine will result in more power.
The cold air intake system works by supplying cool outside air to the combustion chamber. Cold air carries extra oxygen, and this leads to increased combustion. The increased burning creates additional power.

Computer tune

The factory settings of all kinds of computers allow average performance. In the same way, you can customize your desktop; you can modify your vehicle's computer to your unique needs. During this modification, a programmer module is attached to the car's diagnostics plug. The module adjusts the vehicle's computer to the required specifications. The benefits of tuning the car’s computer include improved performance and fuel economy.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system exhales the smoke generated when the engine burns gas. The burning gases create back pressure that can hurt an engine. If the exhaust manifold is modified, there is an increase in air and efficiency from the car's engine. The modifications can also reduce the car’s back pressure. Exhaust system modifications benefits include sound enhancements and an increase in horsepower or energy efficiency.

Many auto-modifications depend on your needs and budget. At City Collision, we can help you make a decision on top modifications that suit your car. Contact us today and our expert technicians will help you sensibly spend your cash to improve your ride.

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