How to Maintain Your Car’s New Paint Job

How to Maintain Your Car’s New Paint Job

Author: Linda/Wednesday, December 9, 2015/Categories: Tips

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Pollution, the elements and everyday wear and tear have a way of fading and corroding a car's finish. You therefore, need to maintain your car’s paint job for a longer showroom appearance. You can keep your car's new paint job bright and shiny through a five-step process: washing, waxing, covering, checking and detailing.

1. Regular Washing

Washing removes loose contaminants that can accumulate over time and cause scratches. Wash your car using recommended products that can't strip away waxes. Avoid using regular dish soap, laundry shop, and other household cleaners. Wash the car thoroughly using paint-safe materials such as microfiber washing mitt or lamb's wool. Dry the car with a drying towel appropriate for automotive use. Typically, wash your car every week.

2. Regular Waxing
A coat of quality wax immediately after washing and polishing offers essential protection. It protects your car’s paint from sun damage. It also makes paint more resistant to the impacts of water. Your car's wax mileage may depend on factors such as the variety of wax used and the prevailing weather conditions. Aim to wax your car after every three months or at least twice a year.

3. Keep your car under cover
Keep your car out of the elements any time the vehicle is not in use. Store it in a garage whenever possible. When you have to park it outdoors, avoid direct sunlight or at least use an appropriate car cover.

4. Spot check the car’s paint frequently
Messy substances such as tree sap, bird droppings, road tar, bug residue, and pollen can damage the paint. Bird droppings, for instance, have acids that eat the wax away exposing the paint. In between washes, inspect your car and promptly clean any gunk.

5. Schedule Professional Detailing
Complete vehicle detailing at regular intervals is necessary. Professionals know how to search for all kinds of above-the-surface bonded contaminants and below the surface defects that can wreck the paint.  Schedule professional detailing at least once every year.

Maintaining your car’s new paint job requires dedication. At City Collision, we love restoring vehicles to their showroom beauty. We have qualified professionals and the equipment to deliver an excellent car paint job. Contact us online or at our shop and we will be glad to help. Ask for a free estimate today.

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