Most Common Accident Repairs

Most Common Accident Repairs

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Collisions occur every day only differing in cause and magnitude. When accidents occur, the vehicles involved get damaged in different ways. After damage, collision reconditioning is inevitable. Here are the most common types of damage that occur during auto accidents:

Front Collision Damage

The front bumper is a direct point of contact. The fender is meant to protect the rest of the vehicle in case something hits the front end. There is, therefore, a high chance that a front-end collision will leave the vehicle’s front bumper in need of repair.

Other vulnerable parts in a front collision include the headlights, grille, hood, Air Conditioner, and Cooling System.

Center Collision Damage

A center crash can damage the rear door, front door, air bags and roof.

Rear Collision Damage 

The bumper is the most vulnerable part in rear-end collisions. Just like the fender, the back bumper absorbs the damage to protect other car parts.
Other vulnerable rear end parts include the wheels, tail lights, trunk lid and exhaust.

How Collision Repair Technicians Repair Common Accident Damages

Technicians begin by inspecting the kind of damage inflicted on the vehicle. The repair job will depend on the damaged part and the magnitude of the damage. Usually, minor accidents necessitate the following repair jobs:

Scratches Repair 

Collision repair technicians typically buff out minor scratches with wax. They cover up deeper, more refined scratches with epoxy paint.

Dents Repair 

Technicians can push out dents. They may also use a vacuum device to suck out the dents and restore the vehicle to its original design.

Cracks Repair 

Mechanics usually fill deep cracks with a filler before painting over to restore the vehicle's color. If the crack is too wide, the filler may be reinforced with mesh.

Breaks Repair 

Breaks repair is similar to cracks repair. Technicians use filler and reinforce it where necessary before painting. If the break is severe, the repair technician may need to install a new fender or bumper.

After a collision, your auto-shop technicians will inspect the vehicle and advise accordingly. At City Collision, we have the expertise and equipment to restore your vehicle. No matter what your accident repair needs, we promise to deliver a high-quality auto-collision repair job. Contact us today for any accident assistance and we shall be delighted to help.

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