What You Need To Know About Car Paint

What You Need To Know About Car Paint

Author: Linda/Wednesday, November 11, 2015/Categories: Info

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Paint is the first thing people notice on cars. Your car deserves a quality paint job. Understanding the basics of car paint repair, paint re-spray, and custom paint can help you get an excellent service. You need to know the following about car paint jobs: 

1. Auto Body Paints
Each type of auto body paint has its pros and cons. Here are the most common auto body paints: 

Acrylic Lacquer
Lacquer is popular because it's cheap and has a high gloss finish. However, it tends to chip easily and is prone to ultra-violet rays and chemical damage.
Acrylic Enamel
Enamel gives a hard finish when dry. It is high quality and durable. However, an acrylic enamel paint job requires more effort and expertise and can therefore be more expensive.
Urethane is modern but a bit expensive. It's durable, easier to apply and leaves a great finish.
Water-Based Paint
This type of paint is easy to use even over an existing auto-body paint job. While it has a great smooth finish, a layer of urethane should be applied over it for protection.

2. A Paint Booth and its Advantages
A quality paint job requires excellent painting materials, proven painting techniques, and a contaminant-free painting environment. A paint booth is an enclosed space that keeps dust, debris, and other contaminants away. A paint booth is also essential for the process of rapid paint baking. The process cures paint to improve durability. Curing makes paint more resistant to typical wear and tear. A spray booth ensures quality painting while saving time, effort and money.

3. Difference between an Average Paint job and Top Quality Painting
A top quality painting job leaves a car shining and looking just the way the owner wanted. An average paint job is prone to many paint problems that include: 
New paint color that does not match the rest of the vehicle.
Dust or dirt in the paint.
Drips run in the paint.
Improper masking of the car.
No attention to detail.

Whether you need a car paint repair, custom car paint job or just a re-spray after an average paint job, you should shop for a state-of-the-art auto body paint facility. At City Collision, we have the expertise and equipment to deliver a high-quality paint job. Contact us for any accident assistance and we shall be glad to help.

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