How are Car Dents Repaired

How are Car Dents Repaired

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Hammering the dent
The technicians start the repair process by gaining access to the interior back side of the body panel. They remove various items such as interior trim, door panels, inner fenders and headlight buckers for full access. They then place a dolly on the outer side of the dent before hammering the inside of the dent. They strike the metal against the dolly until it lies just below the intact area. The technicians are keen to hammer slowly to ensure they only work around the circumference of the dent.

Paint removal
The technicians use a disc sander with 36-grit paper to remove all the primer and paint from the surrounding area. The disc sander gives the bumper body a rough surface known as tooth for the filler to hang onto when hardened. Once the surface is ready, the mechanics mix the hardener with the filler thoroughly before applying on the damaged area using a plastic filler applicator.

Smoothening and painting
The applied filler semi hardens in 10-15 minutes after which it becomes easier to smooth the surface using a body file. The filler hardens completely after 15-30 minutes and the technicians use an air-powered or hand stroke sander with 80 grit paper to lower the filler level to the body level. The repaired area is painted using spray gun and primer after all the scratches, waves, and pits are removed completely.

The above dent repair process is cost-effective and will definitely restore the value of your car. Be sure to contact us today for any dent repair and we will ensure you of our quality dental removal services.

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