Car Paint Trends 2016 - A Sneak Peek of What to Expect

Car Paint Trends 2016 - A Sneak Peek of What to Expect

Author: Linda/Wednesday, October 21, 2015/Categories: Info

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In a recent survey conducted among vehicle consumers in the US and Europe by PPG Industries (an American global supplier of paints, coatings, specialty materials, glass, chemicals, and fiberglass), 59% of the respondents said that color was the major determining factor in their car-purchasing decisions. In their regional trends highlights from the 2015 annual report, PPG reported that white was the most popular color, followed by black and silver.

While it’s true that white, black, and silver are the dominant colors in the automotive industry, car manufacturers are looking for ways to create different variations of white, black, silver, and gray that complement different vehicle types specific to their brands.

As consumers continue demanding for color variations in car coatings, PPG has introduced about 60 automotive exterior coatings to manufacturers for special consideration in their 2016-2017 model year vehicles. Taking a look at the introduced shades, it’s certain that 2016 will come with a great combination of stunning metals, natural elements, and clean tones.

The newly introduced “Colorography” collection consists of five palettes.

The mosaic palette is based on the wealth of artisan patterns, shape, prints, and their colorations. It consists of various colors such as Autumn and a vivid metallic orange with colored aluminum flake that portrays the image of fall foliage.

Hi-Breed is inspired by the harmony between man and nature. The palette consists of pastels, neutrals, and bright hues including Lapis, a very brilliant gemstone blue that uses ANDARO tint dispersion by PPG.

The palette comes with elaborate styling details and luxurious regal colors such as Mystic Magenta which is a vibrant purple with a unique hue-shift effect.

New Spirit
The palette consists of desert sunset shades such as Sunray, a yellow tri-coat with a high-sparkle glass flake.

The minimal contemporary palette uses red, rich brown and deep blue as accent colors for balanced neutrals such as Crisp Grey, an impressive graphite color with a highlight of green metallic.

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