How to Protect Your Car’s Exterior

How to Protect Your Car’s Exterior

Author: Linda/Wednesday, October 7, 2015/Categories: Tips

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Adverse weather conditions and little accidents can prove to be highly damaging to your car’s exterior. If not given the proper care and protection that it needs to ride out these challenging times, your car might be looking at a pretty ugly future, not just in form, but in functionality.

This guide offers a few helpful tips and tricks on protecting your car’s exterior.

Wash and Wax
Much like how Mr. Miyagi’s wax-on-wax-off training in the Karate Kid is a very basic principle, washing and waxing is an important and basic part of maintaining your car’s exterior. 

Paint is usually the first line of defense that your car has against the elements. Once exposure starts getting to it, further damage is guaranteed. Waxing your car can protect its paint job longer against sun, rain, and snow. 

Just a few of caveats, though. First, synthetic waxes, made of polymer-based materials last longer than natural waxes. Second, be sure to wash thoroughly before waxing. Even a little bit of surface dirt and grime can interfere with the wax’s bonding to the paint, and reduce its effectiveness. Third, while most people won’t bother to wash and wax in this winter, this is actually the best time to do so. The damage is the harshest when you have to drive over sleet-covered and snowy roads.

Provide Cover
Though it might seem obvious, one of the best ways of protecting your exterior from the elements is parking it in a garage. Nice and cocooned in that protective room of your house, your car’s exterior will last longer when it’s shielded from rain, snow, dust, and sun.

Failing a garage, a roof will suffice. And worst comes to worst, you can buy a car cover. The type of cover is also key. Some covers will have some degree of cushioning built in, protecting your car from light impacts such as a bike falling over, or a small branch dropping onto it. 

Keep the Touch Up Paint Handy
Don’t wait for those little nicks and scratches to start rusting. Cover them up with touch up paint as soon as you can. Why? Simply put, touch up paint doesn’t stick to rust that well. 

Tape Up Cracked Light Covers
Cracked headlights, taillights, and signal light covers are no joke. If you leave them alone for too long, water might seep in during the rain, damaging your light fixtures. Tape it up ASAP. Auto part stores have special orange or red tape made specifically for taping up cracks in your light covers.

Fix Up Chipped Windshields Fast
Don’t wait for that little crack in the corner of the passenger side windshield to grow into a big problem. If there’s any damage in your windshield, head on over to your nearest car repair shop. Fixing the cracks early is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole windshield later on. Not only will it prevent the cracks from spreading, it will also repair your windshield’s structural integrity, and clear up your view.

We hope this has been helpful. And do remember. If your exterior needs any work, like fixing those chipped windshields, replacing cracked light covers, or even repairing some nasty gashes in your body, City Collision’s experienced and qualified technicians will be sure to get the job done fast. Your car will be back on the road in no time.

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