How Wrecked Car Frames are Straightened

How Wrecked Car Frames are Straightened

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Nearly half of all auto collisions involve some kind of damage to the car’s frame. But recently, vehicles are becoming safer. How?

Modern motor vehicles are built with crumple zones that absorb some of the impact during a crash, sparing the passengers. So while cars have become safer, their frames on the other hand, become more susceptible to damage, even in low-speed impacts, which may result in massive and expensive damage. Depending on the degree of damage to your car’s frame after an accident, it may be possible to straighten it. 

So, how are car frames straightened?

Auto body shops have specialized machines that use hydraulics and powerful torque to straighten damaged car frames. These machines either push or pull the frame back into shape, depending on the extent of damage and type of frame. 

Such machine is the automotive frame machine, which works as a huge platform with two towers that, along with a hydraulic ram, run chains and clamps to the auto body to make multi-directional pulls gradually. Before the process starts, it is important that the car be clamped down using brackets and clamps that mount on the pinch wells of the vehicle to prevent it from moving. 

These machines operate on the principle of reversing the inertia that came into the body from the collision. Once you get the frame back into the position it was supposed to be, it will be possible to put the new panels. 

Other processes 

The auto body shop will try to return your car to its original factory specifications by using laser measurement systems to ensure that all parts are properly aligned and shaped. At the beginning of the process, ultrasound may be used to diagnose the degree of damage. 

If frame straightening techniques prove to be insufficient on their own, the technicians may choose to cut out the bent portions of the frame and weld in new straight pieces. If not done properly, welding can drastically reduce the structural integrity of the frame at the weld points. So, it is important that you get a professional technician to do the job. 

Final note 

In some cases, it might be advisable to scrap a car, especially if the repair will not be effective and will cost too much. You should get your car checked by a professional auto body shop to determine whether it can be salvaged and to give the approximate cost of repairs. 

In case of any troubles, bring your car to City Collision for professional auto body work. 

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