Fall Driving Safety Tips

Fall Driving Safety Tips

Author: Linda/Wednesday, September 23, 2015/Categories: Tips

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Fall season is a time for leaves to change color and fall off the trees. There are also other changes in day length, precipitation, temperature, low sun, and game mating that make driving conditions unpredictable. 

Autumn driving has many hazards. So, before you hit the road, here are a few tips to stay safe and aware on the roads:

1. Watch out for the leaves 
Fall foliage is lovely, but once the leaves fall to the ground and get wet, they become one of the biggest driving hazards in fall. Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice, reducing traction. Dry leaves can also be hazardous. So, avoid all leaves on the road or road lines. 

2. Stay alert on the road
Fall marks the end of daylight saving time, which translates to reduced visibility on roads, creating unfamiliar driving conditions. So, exercise extra caution when driving, even on familiar roads, and watch out for other cyclists, bikers, pedestrians, and other road users who become less visible. 

3. Avoid sun glare 
The change in time means that you will have to deal with the morning and late afternoon sun glare, which can cause reflections off the windows and hoods, decreasing your visibility. So, consider getting a nice pair of sunglasses to counter the daytime glare and anti-reflective lenses to reduce glare during night driving. 

4. Check tire pressure 
The frequent weather and temperature changes will cause your tires to expand and contract a lot, causing the air pressure to reduce. So, keep your tires properly inflated and with adequate tread. 

5. Check other components of your car  
Conduct a basic inspection of the engine, brakes, fluids, windshield wipers, bulbs, anti-freeze, battery, and other critical elements to ensure they’re in optimal condition. 

6. Watch out for deer crossing 
There is increased deer activity in fall. As they try to avoid hunters, they may cross roadways. The risk of deer-vehicle collisions is greatest during fall and early winter. So, watch out for deer crossing. 

It is important to note that chips, scratches, and abrasions on the windshield can intensify the sun’s dazzle, increasing the risk of fall driving. For all auto body repair work, bring your car to City Collision.

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