Will Textured Paints Be The Next Big Thing In Car Customization?

Will Textured Paints Be The Next Big Thing In Car Customization?

Author: Linda/Wednesday, April 29, 2015/Categories: News

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When purchasing a car, there are many things to consider, including the color of the vehicle. Just like many vehicle features, your car’s color impacts its residual value. This simply means that today’s popular color will probably make your car more popular to used-car buyer 3 or 4 years from now. There are arguments that less popular colors depreciate the car’s value from anything between a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on that vehicle. This is perhaps why many people stick to neutral colors like white, silver, gray, and black. But what about the shine?

A mirror-like smooth finish is one of the most alluring things about the car’s paint work. However, there appears to be increasing interest in matte paint finishes, and auto manufacturers of the Peugeot 208 subcompact are convinced that using textured paint will meet the demand for this new fad. Besides offering buyers the matter finish vogue, Peugeot claims that the new paint lasts longer compared to a standard matter finish.  

Peugeot claims that the new matte paint has a subtly granular feel that is intended to enhance its ability to resist micro-scratching and reduce the number of car wash visits, without costing more than the standard metallic paints used on most production cars. The matte appearance and toughness is attributed to the fine silica particles integrated into the paint, while the unique texture is due to micro-balloons of polyamide. 

Following trends of the preferred car colors, the 208 will feature two hues, Ice Silver and Ice Gray, starting June 2015 as part of the hatchback’s mild facelift.  

This kind of finish is rather unusual for a small, economy car, as matte finishes are typically reserved for the more expensive cars, but this could mark the beginning of a trend of more glamorous finishes for mainstream models.

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