Do I Really Need To Wax My Car?

Do I Really Need To Wax My Car?

Author: Linda/Wednesday, November 19, 2014/Categories: Info

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For some people, waxing your car is just an extra job to give your car a little extra shine on special occasions, but highly rated auto detailers beg to differ. Pros argue that car waxing is necessary if you want to protect your automobile’s finish from the harsh effects of extreme weather, tree sap, bird droppings, UV radiation, bugs, road debris, and more.  

Basically, failure to apply a coat of wax, or other protectant, to your vehicle’s exterior finish occasionally can cause the clear coat that protects the paint to breakdown, resulting in exposure of the primer coat to harsh elements like road sale, oxidation, and other corrosive factors.  

So, the benefits of applying car wax include: 

Scratch protection  

Even the manufacturer-applied clear finish could use the protective boost offered by protective sealants, such as Teflon, polymer, and wax, in order to provide a “sacrificial layer” that can take damage and cover light blemishes or small scratches that could otherwise damage the clear coat paint underneath. 

Prevent paint damage 

The minimum number of times that you should wax your car is twice a year, though it is recommended that you wax every three or four months if you live in sunny or highly humid areas. This is because oxidation, which is a result of the mixture of heat and oxygen, can break down even the highest paint quality, and the problem is particularly severe in places with intense sunshine or more road salt. 

Great overall look 
Waxing brings out a brilliant shine that not only makes your car look better, but also protects it from dirt, so you won’t have to wash your exterior for weeks. 

You can wax your car by yourself, though you should ensure that the car is freshly washed, well rinsed, and fully dried before applying a thin layer of wax. That said, you may also consider outsourcing the job for a more extensive exterior detail that includes cleaning, buffing, and waxing. If you are in Edmonton, you should visit  City Collision for all your autobody needs.  


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